Next Generation Church

At Wildesign, we understand that you, as a church leader, are always looking for relevant ways to connect the Gospel to your church and your community. We also know that reaching the next generation has become increasingly complex in many ways, and it is our mission to help you stay ahead of the curve. That mission dictates how we work with the local church. You are not a client, not a job, not a paycheck. You are a partner – not a portfolio.

We understand that your ministry and your leadership are on the front lines of the great commission, and we want to support what God is doing through you. Your building is not your church. It is your biggest, most expensive asset and it should be a relevant tool that supports your ministry. We want to make sure it works for you and helps connect the next generation to your mission.

We understand that the church should be at the center of community influence in your city or town. We know that it’s your desire to be a place of refuge and hope for a broken world. This is why we are enthusiastic students of culture and ministry. We want to do everything we can to create spaces that will help your ministry connect to those you are called to serve. 

We understand you need a partner who will listen first to help you discern your next steps in reaching the next generation.  


Ministry, Campus, and Facility Planning
  • Ministry vision meetings and workshops
  • Leadership support and coaching
  • Site analysis and facility evaluation 
  • Programming sessions and workshops
  • Financial feasibility modeling and coaching
  • Fundraising media and strategy

Throughout the Design Phase, we will work alongside your ministry teams to understand their individual needs and design your facility accordingly. In this phase, we are careful to explain the financial impact of each design decision to help you understand how to allocate the funds you have available.

Facility Design
  • Site improvements and campus expansions
  • Inspiring Worship centers and engaging student ministry spaces
  • Exciting children’s ministry spaces and flexible multi-purpose spaces
  • Efficient administration layouts, social connection spaces
  • Relevant conection and hospitality space
Interior Design
  • Colors, materials, and finish selections
  • Furniture and casework design
  • Signage and wayfinding
  • Cafe and hospitality design
Brand Consulting
  • Logo Design
  • Enviornment Branding
Construction Drawing and Contractor Assistance
  • Construction documents for permitting and bidding
  • Model and data sharing for bidding clarity
  • On-site project coordination during construction

As a service partner of Matterport, Wildesign Architects can offer access to state of the art 3D imaging and virtual reality technology. This technology has the ability to bring your space to life throughout the entire design process.